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We will take your business to new heights

📝 Lead Generation

We have real people who help you through your problems 24/7, whether they’re helping you take the first step or the next step.

📝 Remote Latinos VA

A rich community to connect with other bright folks who are making their own way. Exchange ideas, share experiences.

📝 Outbound Marketing

We are proud to have the best team to deliver the highest quality cold calling and SMS marketing.

WHAT WE DO & we're Pretty Damn Good at it

Google Ads

We specialize in crafting revenue-driven PPC campaigns targeting motivated sellers, harnessing the potential of intent-based searches on Google. Our campaigns are meticulously designed for sustained success, ensuring the ability to consistently generate on-demand leads from motivated sellers for the long term.

Facebook Ads

We leverage the behemoth of social media to create profitable campaigns that put you in front of motivated sellers looking to sell and capitalize on your preferred exit strategy. Additionally, we retarget anyone on the internet to turn it into easy motivated inbound conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Crafting a strong digital foundation through meticulous On-Page Optimization, we seamlessly augment it by cultivating trust and authority using our proven Off-Page SEO strategies. This ensures enduring visibility on Google, making your presence felt to potential clients for years ahead.

System Automation

We design robust processes and systems tailored for your success, offering unprecedented access through the industry's first multi-touch sequential marketing automation platform. With this cutting-edge tool, we ensure the swift and sustained prosperity of your real estate investment business.

Hyper - Branding

We highly value the long-term effect of establishing you as an authority in your market, which significantly impacts your business. Our approach involves implementing strategic branding and content campaigns, seamlessly integrated with lead generation and conversion strategies, all contributing to the compound growth of your business. Get ready to leverage the power of video!

Lead Conversion

Making sure to generate leads is one thing, but converting them is a whole different story. That's why we ensure that your conversion is armored by lead conversion campaigns and systems. Leveraging Virtual Assistants, Inside Sales Agents and the most robust CRMs and Automations.

Team Placement

We will find rockstars for your business growth. Our bread and butter is Latin American remote team members or VAs. We get A- players from Mexico, Central, and South America. Same skills, lower costs. Same time zones as the US and Canada. Most of our placements are professional, meaning they went to college or university with high-level education.

Outbound Marketing

We are proud to have the best team to deliver the highest quality cold calling and SMS marketing. Think of a cold-calling lead with the quality of PPC (Google ads) marketing. Our agents are highly trained as closers but don't close, they cold call highly qualified motivated sellers and live-transfer them to our client's acquisitions team.

Sales Training

We are not just a lead generation company. We know one of the biggest struggles our clients have is in the sales process. That's why we have created the best sales training to convert these inbound leads into deals. We cover negotiation, deal structuring, follow-up, creative financing, and objection handling along with other crucial sales skillsets.

🔥Done For YOU Lead Generation

We manage everything, so you can close more deals and focus on what’s most important.

Exclusive Motivated Seller and Cash Buyer Leads

Strategic and Data-driven advertising

Fill and convert your pipeline on autopilot

5x the return of investment on direct mail

100% managed for you

Advanced targeting for more net profit

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✅ Done With You Elite Coaching Program

Weekly Coaching & Training — Done With You.

Learn The Ins & Outs Of Our Processes

Weekly Coaching Calls

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You should be converting at least ⅓ of the leads that Hesel Media generates for you, and if you are not, that is okay because hesel media team has all the resources to help you get there"

It has been 8 months since he joined us, and he has already generated over $293,000 in profits from the multiple deals he has closed through our ads. This success is the result of excellent teamwork; we run the ads, provide him with resources and systems, offer customer support, and he utilizes his exceptional negotiation skills to seal the deals.


Return on Investment


Profit after 8 Months