Case Studies

CLIENT NAME - X Amount of closings in X amount of time (Include remarkable achievement)


Before meeting us: Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads while being trapped in a 6 month long contract

After meeting us: Write the success "as measured by". Make sure to write down the metrics achieved as that could be ROI, number of leads, appointments and closings in a specific time frame. This could be regarding the remarkable achievements and something awesome "as measured by"

‍Time Frame: Write down he timeframe that all of this happened with some more details

Case studies should speak to your target client. Choose a project that aligns with your ideal client and that showcases how your product or services were effective in solving the client's problem and reaching their goal. Give a quick summary of the story you're about to tell, including a brief overview of the problem and how you solved it. Keep this section to 3-5 sentences.

Market: Write down the market here

Result: Write down the results here


Write down the company name here

"Catchy quote from the client highlighting how valuable your service was to them."


$x spend

x# of leads

x# of closings

Case Studies

CLIENT NAME - X Amount of closings in X amount of time (Include remarkable achievement)


Before meeting us: Paying thousands monthly to Boldleads while being trapped in a 6 month long contract

After meeting us: Write the success "as measured by". Make sure to write down the metrics achieved as that could be ROI, number of leads, appointments and closings in a specific time frame. This could be regarding the remarkable achievements and something awesome "as measured by"

‍Time Frame: Write down he timeframe that all of this happened with some more details

Case studies should speak to your target client. Choose a project that aligns with your ideal client and that showcases how your product or services were effective in solving the client's problem and reaching their goal. Give a quick summary of the story you're about to tell, including a brief overview of the problem and how you solved it. Keep this section to 3-5 sentences.

Market: Write down the market here

Result: Write down the results here


Write down the company name here

"Catchy quote from the client highlighting how valuable your service was to them."


$x spend

x# of leads

x# of closings

Jesse Bush - Making over 293K in profit from real estate deals from hesel media ads


Before meeting us: Jesse met Hesel Media through the previous real estate company he was working with, and he loved our service so much that he decided to join us again as soon as he could after starting his own REI business.

After meeting us: It has been 8 months since he joined us, and he has already generated over $293,000 in profits from the multiple deals he has closed through our ads. This success is the result of excellent teamwork; we run the ads, provide him with resources and systems, offer customer support, and he utilizes his exceptional negotiation skills to seal the deals.

Jesse has become one of our most successful partners, we love his winning mindset and willingess to help the rest of the Hesel Media community. He's currently our Weekly Sales Training Coach and has helped other clients achieve success 🚀

‍Time Frame: Made over 293k of profit after 8 months of running FB Ads

Market: Pennsylvania

Result: Making over 293K in profit from Facebook Ads in less than 8 months

Investors: E-Z Exit Home Buyers

"You should be converting at least ⅓ of the leads that Hesel Media generates for you, and if you are not, that is okay because hesel media team has all the resources to help you get there in about 30-60 days as long as you’re willing to be accountable."

$293.000 profit

130 leads

8.93X ROI

Patricio Rodriguez - $245K in Revenue from a Facebook Ads Deal That He Secured Within 6 Days


Before meeting us: Pato has extensive experience in construction, and when he decided to start his real estate investing business, he knew he had every piece of the chain but one—the lead. Thankfully, Hesel Media was there to help him with ready-to-sell leads and incredible sales training to improve his negotiation skills.

After meeting us: He has not only secured highly motivated leads but also enlisted the support of a CRM that automatically follows up with them. Additionally, he benefits from an outstanding marketing team that readily assists with any request, and invites him to the weekly sales training sessions with fellow investors to enhance his closing skills.

And, of course, none of Pato's success would be possible if he didn't have such a great attitude toward learning and continuous improvement. Pato allows us to help him succeed.

‍Time Frame: Securing a property within only 6 days after the lead was generated.

Market: Minneapolis

Result: Securing a $245K deal within 6 days

Investors: Silverland Home Buyer

"Every time I talk to other investors I refer to Hesel Media as my team. Hesel Media is gonna help you as much as you let them help you."

$245 in revenue

60+ leads

30 motivated seller appt

Craig Holland - $100,000+ of profit from the 5 deals closed with hesel media - getting a 5x rOI


Before meeting us: Craig uses many lead sources and one of the ones that works well for him is SMS, however when they started to grow, it became something that they couldn't put time into since it requires a lot of effort. Then they decided to go for an inbound lead source to get leads that are already willing to sell their houses.

After meeting us: He closed 5 deals from Facebook Leads and got a pretty great ROI of 5x, there were a lot of opportunities in the leads that he got from us. In the interview, Craig mentions that even when he canceled the service because of another investment, he closed 2 deals on the same day so he came back right away and even signed up for a new service, Google PPC to keep scaling 💯

‍Time Frame: Closing 5 deals from Hesel Media ads generating a 5x ROI in 5 months.

Craig has succeeded because he has a good lead source that brings him quality leads, also because of his closing skills, and his patience with inbound marketing. He is investing in his business and even referring us to his fellow investors so they can do the same.

Market: Georgia

Result: Closing 5 leads, getting a 5x ROI with over 100 k of profit

Investors: Click House Buyers

"We got a $7k deal with you all, then $8k deal with you all, then a $25,600 deal, then another $25k, and then the flip with $45k. So again, it's been pretty good."


140+ leads

5 Closings

Florida House Buyers - Getting Consistent Quality Leads from Facebook Ads + Learning How to Convert them & putting MULTIPLE properties under contract


Before meeting us: This team had many ways of getting leads, but they where mainly outbound marketing sources such as SMS, VM, Cold Calling and Direct Mailing. However they were looking for sources that they could replicate and use for other markets, that's why they made the decision to start running Facebook Ads with Hesel Media.

After meeting us: Soon after they started working with us, they were able to remove most of their outbound efforts (SMS, VM, and Direct Mailing). Their results have been so amazing that they have been with Hesel Media for over a year, and closed mutiple contracts from the Facebook leads that we've generated for them. They are one of our most successful clients!

‍Time Frame: Over a year closing deals with Hesel Media Facebook Ads.

By the time of the video, they've already closed 28 deals from the leads that we generated for them, and it was certainly because of the great quality of the leads, and their amazing follow up, and closing skills.

Market: Florida

Result: Wholesaling 20+ deals monthly from different lead sources

Investors: Florida House Buyers

"It's probably because we have better systems, different alternatives to offer to the leads, and a great integrator" - This is what they say about the reason of their success

200+ motivated seller appts

Multiple Deals

600+ Leads

Mario Lancioni - 6 Deals Locked Up in his first 1.5 months in with over $250K in the pipeline only from digital marketing and facebook ads


Before meeting us: Mario was on the fence about going into online marketing for his real estate wholesaling business, he wouldn't give the chance to Facebook ads either to Google PPC. He only relied heavily on cold calling and SMS marketing in his New Jersey market.

After meeting us: 1 month into doing Facebook ads with us we had already generated over 30 leads and over 20 phone appointments with motivated sellers for Mario real estate company.

He and his team have already locked up more than 6 deals under contract and have added over 250K+ in the pipeline. All these leads coming from Facebook ads for his motivated seller campaign.

Mario is so ready to knock it out of the park that PPC is the second addition to the digital marketing strategies that hesel media will provide to Mario and his 5 Star Offer team in New Jersey.

He is ready to take over his market online.

‍Time Frame: 1.5 months to lock up 6+ deals under contract.

Market: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Result: 6+ Deals Under Contract in 1.5 Months


5 Start Offer

" We’re around $75k a month but with your marketing we’ll pass it all day"

930% ROI

$1650 Ads

30+ leads

6 closings

David Hernandez - The first inbound lead that he got from hesel media ended up being a 6 figure fix and flip


Client's win: In this fragment of our weekly Sales Training with our closer Juan Nicasio, our client David Hernandez shares with us the wins that he has had with Hesel Media and the value that running Facebook inbound marketing has brought to his real estate investing business.

As mentioned in the video, the first lead that he got in when he started doing marketing with Hesel Media turned into a 6 figure fix and flip! David is crushing it and making the best out of the inbound lead generation system that Hesel Media provides to him.

Additionally, he has 7 properties under contract, 3 fix and flips, 3 listings, and looking for a partnership to close the opportunities that he has in other markets.

‍Time Frame: 3 Months to get a 6 figure deal, 7 properties under contract and 3 listings.

David and his team are a great example of how to scale your REI business with Facebook ads, good follow-up practices, and taking every opportunity. Like he mentioned in the training, he got a lead from a different market and he is currently looking to partner with someone in that market to get profit out of that opportunity. As you can see, Hesel Media provides not only a valuable lead generation system but also awesome sales trainings, and a wide network in the REI industry.

Market: Roy, Utah

Result: Closing a 6 figure fix and flip out of his very first Facebook lead.


Live Smart Home Buyers

"Teamwork makes the dreamwork"

7 Under Contract

3 Flips

15.68X ROI

Jimmy Pham - 5 Properties Under Contract Within Only 2 Weeks Of Running Facebook Ads


Before meeting us: Believe it or not Jimmy was is fairly new to the Real Estate Investing game. One thing that he had very clear was that he could do great business with quality leads, that's why he signed up with Hesel Media.

After meeting us: As soon as Jimmy's campaign went live he started getting quality leads for his business, he got 5 leads per week during 2 weeks. Which means that he got 10 leads in 2 weeks, and he got 5 properties out of those leads. That's a crazy closing rate and ROI right there!

It is important to highlight that Jimmy has the right mindset as a negotiator, he is aware that he has to make leads trust him. He shows himself as a person that actually wants to help him.

‍Time Frame: Put 5 properties under contract within 2 weeks from inbound motivated seller leads.

On the other hand, Jimmy is great at following up with his leads, as he says "A lead is a lead until it stops being a lead, so I'm never gonna stop calling them". He will not waste any of the opportunities that we are sending his way 🚀

Market: South Carolina

Result: Put 5 properties under contract within as little as 2 weeks


We Buy Houses For Cash

His thoughts about Hesel Media: "This is a legitimate company, what they do is that instead of you going searching for people, people are coming to you."

5 Under Contract

10 Leads

50% Closing Rate

Alex Lopez - Earning $70K From a facebook lead deal within the first 10 days of running ads


Before meeting us: Alex already had an established real estate investing business that he wanted to grow. He has tried different outbound lead sources, but he believes that adding inbound lead generation is a need to complement his lead inputs and also strengthen his brand.

After meeting us: He has only been with Hesel Media for 3 weeks, and he already closed 1 property and will be closing another one really soon for sure. With the $70k that he earned from the first closing, he was able to get an ROI of 15.54X! And he definitely got it real quick.

Time Frame: Closing 1 deal of $70k revenue within 10 days.

We have to highlight the ability of Alex to make business decisions and move quickly with them, and his capacity to not only set short-term goals for his business but most importantly, create and follow an action plan to accomplish them. We are excited about our partnership with this successful client so we can see how inbound lead generation helps him grow his business.

Market: Pennsylvania

Result: Closing his first deal within only 10

Investors: Axel Property Management

"If you're advertising with Facebook Ads your branding is going to grow longterm, if you're actually working on branding and using social media."

2 Deals

15.54X ROI

11 Leads

Connor Brostek - Wholesaling 12 Deals In 7 Months From Google PPC And FB Ads


Before meeting us: Connor actually started to work with Hesel Media over a year ago, but he paused for a couple of months. He has had experience with many other lead sources and because of his experiences, he is more than sure that sticking with Hesel Media is the right choice.

After meeting us: After months of running Facebook Ads with us, he decided to invest in Google PPC, and he couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of leads that he has gotten. In the video with our account manager, he mentions to her that he has closed deals even at the times that he hasn't been at his 100% with the follow-up. According to him, even if Google leads are more expensive, these leads are easier and faster to close, they are the most motivated leads.

‍Time Frame: Closing 12 deals in 7 months of running ads.

The success will not stay here for Connor and his team, he is planning to expand his markets and his advertising budget, he understands that in order to grow he has to invest, and we can't wait to see him keep crushing it!

Market: Ohio

Result: Closing 12 deals in 7 months + crushing it with Google PPC


The Local House Guys

Connor is so happy with his results that if we ever want to stop working together he says "You are gonna have to kick me off if you try to get rid of me, I'll chase you guys down, I know where Esteban lives."

Over 1 year with us

110+ leads

12 Closings

Colin Harrison - 2 Properties Under Contract & 30k Profit Deal From PPC Ads Without Chasing Deals


Before meeting us: Colin has worked with multiple agencies in the past, this is not the first time he does digital marketing for his business. However, he finally got to meet a company that provides him with high quality leads, that's Hesel Media.

After meeting us: Thanks to the high quality of the leads that we provided, and also the CRM that we provided him with, Colin was able to focus on closing the lead. The CRM did most of the follow up for him and made the homeowner reach out to him to sell her home.

‍Time Frame: 2 properties under contract within 2 months of running PPC Ads.

Colin is a great example of a real estate investor who's willing to help peopl, learn to build rapport, and using all the rools and resources from Hesel Media to guarantee his success.

Market: South Carolina & Georgia

Result: 2 properties under contract from PPC leads so motivated that the CRM did most of the follow up.

Investors: Elite Home Offers

"Hesel Media is everything you want in terms of acquisitions, I don’t know what else you could ask for, the CRM, customer support, and the weekly training"

2 properties under contract

24 leads

8% closing


Kamil Murawski - 4 Properties Under Contract + Being Able To Become Full-Time REI & His Own Boss


Before meeting us: Kamil is fairly new to the real estate investing industry, he started wholesaling while he had his other full-time job, however, it wasn't until he met Hesel Media that he was able to become a full-time wholesaler.

After meeting us: As soon as he started with Hesel Media, he started getting warm leads that were actually interested in selling their house. This helped him scale his business, and he's currently growing because of that. Not only that, but our weekly sales trainings have been tremendously helpful for his sales, follow-up, and negotiation skills.

‍Time Frame: Put 4 properties under contract and was able to scale his REI business.

Our client has the correct mindset to be successful in the industry, he's willing to learn and invest in his business, that's why is is simply crushing it! 💪

Market: Pennsylvania

Result: Put 4 properties under contract and was able to scale his REI business.


Pocono Cash Home Buyers

"Even with the leads or with you guys there is no negative, it's how we handle it. You guys provide us with the leads, consistently coming, prequalified, and warm. Now it's up to us whether we turn it into a deal or not."

4 Under Contract

80+ Leads

40+ Motivated Seller Appts

Lukas & Hannah - Escalated their Real estate investing journey + 70K Of their first fix & flip Closed within 24 hours in their first month of running facebook ads


Before meeting us: Lukas and Hannah have been only wholesaling for a year and their only marketing was texting. However, they knew that texting wasn't going to be around forever, they wanted to be ahead of that curve and differentiate their business.

After meeting us: The most relevant thing to highlight about their journey with Hesel Media Facebook ads is that they have become able to not only grow their wholesaling business but to become the end buyers, keep buy and holds for themselves, and even got their first fix and flip ever from a Hesel Media inbound lead that they closed within the first month of doing Facebook Ads. They put this property under contract within just 24 hours.

They are estimating a revenue of around 65K out of their first deal. Their ROI is 18.37X and they got their first deal out of one of their first 10 leads!

‍Time Frame: 1 fix and flip under contract within 24 hours in their first month with Hesel Media.

Market: Lee County, Florida & Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Result: New real estate investing opportunities + their first fix and flip in one month.

Investors: Next-Door Neighbor Investments

"Every lead we have gotten since we have got Hesel Media, is actually interested on talking to us"

1837% ROI

$3097 spend

10 leads

1 closing

Erik Wright - Closing 16 Deals and JV 15 Within 11 Months Of Running Facebook Ads To get Inbound Motivated Sellers + Improve His SEO


Before meeting us: Erik wasn't doing any type of paid marketing, he did work hard on his SEO and ranked very well, however, the actual leads that he was getting were slower than he needed, that's when he reached out to Hesel Media, a choice that scaled his business tremendously.

After meeting us: Immediately after signing up with Hesel Media, he started closing more deals, and not only that, but thanks to the customization that we have made to the service to adjust it to his needs, he has improved his SEO results as well. Erik is simply crushing it with Facebook ads, he has already closed 16 deals and the average spent for each deal is 2k of marketing.

‍Time Frame: Closed 16 deals and JV other 15 in 11 months of running FB ads.

Our client highlights the responsiveness of the Hesel Media team and its ability to adjust the service to his REI needs. As well as our killer automation systems and CRM and the great value that our Facebook ads have brought to his business. Erik has been working with us for a long time because we have brought him the results that he requires and beyond. He has even invited some of his other fellow investors to work with Hesel Media to scale their REI business.

Market: Tennesse

Result: Closed 16 deals in less than 11 months + 15 JV deals.


New Horizon Home Buyers

"Whether you are an experienced investor doing multiple deals a month or you're just starting out, Esteban and his team can customize their product to your needs and help you take your REI business to the next level."

16 Deals

90+ leads

15 JV Deals

$2K spent per deal

Dan Ahlborn - Closing A $54k Deal in Two Weeks From His Second Lead Using Online Marketing + Demonstrating The Importance Of An Effective Follow-Up Strategy


Client's Win: Dan shares with ushow he was able to close a deal from the second lead he got from Hesel Media, and how he has many more motivated sellers in his pipeline right now.

Dan is one of those inventors who doesn’t waste a second when it comes to reaching out to leads, and when he saw that second lead he received, things weren’t going to be any different. After jumping on a quick call, Dan understood the seller’s motivations and pain points right away. He wasted no time in explaining what he could do to help, and they set an in person meeting right then. 

The meeting got cancelled at first, but with his effective follow-up strategy, Dan was able to re-schedule. And good thing he did, because he closed the deal right when the meeting took place!

He’s closed 5 deal so far with us, and is looking to some novations deals, and an out of market deal in the near future

‍Time Frame: Closed 1 deal in 2 weeks of running his ads campaign. Has closed 5 deals so far with Hesel Media

Dan highlights the impotance of having an effective follow-up strategy and that of looking for mutually beneficial solutions when trying to close a deal. He is pleased to finally have a pipeline filled with potential deals and has recently expanded into other markets and looked into novation deals.

Market: Wisconsin

Result: Closed a $54k deal from his second lead after 2 weeks of running his marketing campaign


House Buyer Dan

"If someone's motivated to sell, you've got to take advantage of that because the longer you wait, they are going to call someone else up, because they have an urgent problem that they need fixed."

6 Under Contract

70 leads

5 Closings

Alex & Viktor - Wholesaled 4 deals in Their first month, have Been with Hesel media for about 2 years, and now close 10 to 15 deals per month


Before meeting us: Alex was looking for a Facebook ads manager to bring a consistent lead flow to his business, the reason why he picked Esteban and his team is because of his responsiveness and the awesome reviews that other clients gave about Hesel Media. He got such amazing results that he's been with us for about 2 years.

After meeting us: As you can see in the video, Alex wholesaled 4 deals in his first month of running Facebook ads with Hesel Media. The following months got better and better, now he closed 10 to 15 deals (and sometimes even more) per month, and get an average of 75 leads.

Something worth highlighting about these clients is that their follow-up game is on point, giving them more chances to close those deals.

‍Time Frame: Closed 4 deals in their first month with Hesel Media and multiple more in their 2 years with us.

Market: Washington

Result: Wholesaling 4 deals in his first month of running FB ads and multiple more in the following 2 years.

Investors: I Will Buy House

"The guy is super knowledgeable, wealth of knowledge and just really terrific to work with. Because of this, I highly recommend that you give Esteban a shot."

2 years FB ads

1900 leads

10 -15 closings/month

George & Christo - In More Than A Year Of Working With Hesel Media Closing 7 to 13 Deals From Facebook Leads Each Month


Before meeting us: George and Christo used to close 5 to 6 deals every month with their other marketing and acquisitions results, which was not bad, but it wasn't until they reached out to Hesel Media that they got to get those numbers up to 12 to 18 closings per month.

After meeting us: They got to grow their business with our consistent lead flow. One of the main reasons for their success with these leads is that they are actually high quality and interested in selling their houses to our clients. George and Christo have been crushing it with us for over one year and they are ready to keep closing deals for their real estate investing business.

‍Time Frame: Closing 7 - 13 leads every month, for more than a year.

These guys take the best out of our inbound lead generation system and follow up with their leads like beasts, which has definitely improved their conversion rate. They absolutely recommend our services to other investors and wholesalers that want to scale their business as they did.

Market: Atlanta, Georgia

Result: Closing 7 - 13 deals from Facebook leads every month


Real Easy Offer

"We are getting a lot more quality leads working with you guys"

80 motivated seller appts

280+ leads

7 - 13 closings/m

Joe Prenger - 5 Properties Under Contract & 2 Closings in only 2 months of running facebook ads with hesel media


Before meeting us: Joe is familiar with different lead sources and his previous experience was not the best, he's worked with another agency that brought him very low-quality leads, and in a period of 8 months, he could only close 1 of their leads. That's why he became skeptical of Facebook ads... until he met us.

After meeting us: What Joe likes the most about this lead source is that now he actually has a consistent high-quality lead flow that has helped him close more deals and has given him a great ROI, which at the end of the day is the most important thing when investing on marketing for your business.

‍Time Frame: 5 properties under contract & 2 closings in their first 2 months with Hesel Media.

We are extremely happy about our client's success and we will keep looking for ways to get him to close many deals 🚀

Market: Kansas & Missouri

Result: Putting 5 properties under contract and closing 2 in the first 2 months of running Facebook Ads.

Investors: KC House Guys

"This is a more consistent type of lead generation that we can stick with over a period of time" - Says Joe about the difference between Hesel Media and the previous company that was generating Facebook leads for him.

40+ Motivated Seller Appointments

5 Under Contract

90+ leads

2 Closings

Rusty & Susanna - Closing A Deal Every Month From Hesel Media Motivated Sellers


Before meeting us: At the beginning of their journey, they were doing all the marketing by themselves. Apart from outbound marketing, they also tried to run Facebook ads on their own, which was really frustrating since their ads would always get rejected by Facebook policies. That's when they decided to reach out to the experts and Hesel Media started bringing them more deals from Facebook motivated sellers.

After meeting us: Right when they started to run ads with Hesel Media they got to close deals consistently. They always get at least 1 deal per month from Hesel Media leads and they're been with us from 1.5+ years. Another huge difference that Rusty and Susanna have encountered since working with Hesel Media is the quality of the leads. When they used to cold call they got a bunch of leads that were just not motivated to sell, on the other hand, our inbound sellers are all important for them because they know that they are actually interested in selling and that is what has got them to close more deals.

‍Time Frame: Closed 15 deals during their time with Hesel Media.

Even in the months when the lead flow is slower, Rusty and Susanna have been patient and consistent. So even if they don't close a deal right away, their great follow up skills allow them to eventually come up with an offer that works for them and for the seller.

Market: Arizona

Result: Closed 15 deals during our time with us and earned financial freedom.


Pinal County House Buyers

"If you're thinking about what agency to go with, I would definitely recommend Hesel Media, just because they've enabled me to grow my business and actually hire myself out of different tasks."

15 Deals

300+ leads

8,3% Conversion

Eva & Jeff - Putting 2 Deals Under Contract After 3 Weeks Of Running Facebook Ads. How The Right Lead Management Takes Your Business To The Next Level


Client's win: After facing some issues with their business parter, Eva and Jeff decided to take action and give their systems a 180° turn. With the help of Hesel Media, they have created new scripts, new step by step processes to close deals, and perfected their systems. They’ve stopped going for any deal that becomes available and are direct with their expectations and how much they are looking to make per closing.

These changes have given them the necessary confidence to approach sellers with a different attitude - One that inspires sellers to do business with them rather than going with competitors.

Now that Eva and Jeff follow a system that targets exactly the type of sellers they are looking for, they no longer worry about most of their leads being low quality and impossible to work with. They feel like while they are working the same amount, things feel much easier and smoother.

With 80% of leads boking appointment, hey feel like they are having more conversations than ever before!

Time frame: Put 2 properties under contract in less than 3 weeks. Worked on and implemented new processes from day 1 that have allowed them to increase efficiency and trust.

Market: Texas, Florida

Result: Created a system that's allowed them to put lead after lead under contract


Legacy Local Impact

"I'm now having conversations with people or figuring out where they are at, so it's just a lot better. You are always problem solving but it's better, it's less stressful because you are working with people who need your help."

2 Under Contract

57+ Leads

80% Booked Appointments

Josh Cohen - $40,000+ Per Month In Wholesaling Ads From PPC And Facebook With Josh Cohen From Deal Maker Nation


Before meeting us: Josh has been a real estate investor since 2009 so he is very experienced in the business. However, he was looking for a way to do things differently. He used to do direct mail, text message, and cold calling. But he wanted to grow his business with more leads for virtual wholesaling.

After meeting us: In his first 2.5 weeks of working with Hesel Media, he got to close 4 deals! His business and team have grown a lot. He invites people to give Hesel Media a chance because it is a partner that will make you successful, but you have to put in the work as well to make the system give you results such as the amazing results that he has gotten 💯

‍Time Frame: Closing 4 deals in his first 2.5 weeks with Hesel Media.

According to Josh, one of the main things that we provided him with and have added value to his business is the follow-up automation for new leads. Hesel Media is one of the few agencies that provide its clients with all the automations to manage and follow up with their leads successfully.

Market: 18 US Markets

Result: Closing 4 leads in only 2 weeks - $40,000+ Per Month in Wholesaling Ads From PPC and Facebook

Investors: 3 Step Home Sale

"Their automation sequence has been an unbelievable response rate. We've taken that and applied it to all of our pipelines, and that's only a small piece of what Hesel Media can do for you."

Business growth

300+ leads

Multiple Closings

Lincoln Amstutz - Closing 2 deals from inbound marketing + 3 properties under contract in missouri


Before meeting us: Lincoln tried to do Facebook ads by his own in the past. However, he didn't get the results that he was expecting. Soon he realized that he needed a team of experts taking care not only of his campaigns but also supporting him with a good system to manage those ads and even coaching him on proper follow-up practices.

After meeting us: Only 3 months into the journey of inbound marketing and he already started loving the quality of the leads that we provided him with. For one of the properties that he mentions in the video, he got it under contract the first time that he went to meet the owner and the property. That's how motivated his leads are.

‍Time Frame: Closing 2 deals and 3 contracts in 3 months of running Facebook Ads with the Hesel Media team.

Some of the things that this investor loves about Hesel Media is that the leads that we generate for him already come with the information that he needs and we make his job easier. He's also very happy with the help that the whole team has gave him in order to start picking up his ROI 💸

Market: Missouri

Result: Closing 2 deals from FB ads and putting 3 properties under contract

Investors: HomeLink Properties

"Absolutely, I would recommend Hesel Media to pretty much anybody that wants to get offmarket deals... They have great support, and a great team."

60+ motivated seller appointments

80+ leads

5 closings

Check Out Some Of The Result from Businesses Who've Trusted HESEL MEDIA!

⚡️Successful Results⚡️

Cheryl Bednar-Jimenez

"Impressive work doing my advertising, generating leads and helping me get more clients and close my deals. My business was very stagnant before Esteban arrived, he was able to set up impressive systems for my business so that I can run it in autopilot. He had tools that streamlined my processes and business so that I can continuously get leads and close deals month to month."

Samuel Hollis

"The guy that manages this business is a true champion. Esteban is such a giving person that at the beginning he provided me with a lot of FREE value until I decided to move forward and set up my Facebook Lead Generation campaigns for my wholesaling business. I have been wholesaling for 15 years and Facebook has drastically changed the way I do business.....

Martin Munoz

" I was just looking to invest more aggressively in my business and I knew that with Facebook I could do that, what I didn't imagined is Esteban's capabilities overall made me buy 15 properties to fix and flip in just 6 months only from Facebook. Now we are dominating locally doing SEO to my website and make sure that I'm the first to appear in the Google search. This is better than any other thing that we were doing before."

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Motivated Sellers



Customer Satisfaction

Motivated Sellers


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