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Get More Seller Leads With Esteban Andrade

Get More Seller Leads With Esteban Andrade

August 20, 2021

Finding Motivated Sellers On PPC and Facebook With Esteban Andrade

Finding Motivated Sellers On PPC and Facebook

August 21, 2021

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W.L.E.R.E #71: Lead Generation Techniques To Reach More Sellers with Esteban Andrade

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The Ultimate Guide To Inbound Digital Marketing For Real Estate Investing And Wholesaling

September 02, 202212 min read

Inbound Digital Marketing is becoming the future of real estate investing. How can we use digital marketing for your real estate investment business? There are different forms of digital marketing that can replace or reinforce your SMS, RVMs or cold calling traditional strategies. The most common inbound online marketing channels are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords (PPC – Pay Per Click), Facebook ads (which includes instagram) and Youtube.

Why is digital marketing important for real estate investing?

Inbound digital marketing for is a way to let people reach us. We do that through online marketing channels that work digitally. You become an omnipresence being (showing up everywhere and anywhere) who lives in your prospect’s smartphones and regular internet visits! We can show our offers as a real estate investor to more people. We will be able to create a presence for your REI company using digital marketing. This is exactly how we also acquire customers.

Let people find your website through SEO

— Let’s start with search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization refers to the process of massively stuffing your website with strategic content, strategic keyword placing. Followed by a whole bunch of strategic work in the back end + front end. This allows your website to appear on top of your Google search, or Bing search. The goal is to be the first one that people see whenever they search for help to sell their house fast!

In other words, it is improving your website’s search engine performance through a variety of different optimization tactics. These tactics include keyword research, keyword density and link building. Before your digital marketing gets started it’s important to know the benefits of SEO, and how it works. According to Social Media Examiner, “SEO is the process of making your website appear higher in the search engines so that potential customers will be more likely to click on your website.”

Inbound Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Inbound lead Generation

Inbound lead generation will happen when motivated sellers – homeowners that need to sell their house due to different uncomfortable reasons – will naturally go to your website after Google serves your website to them.

This means that Google, Bing or other Search platforms will give homeowners the ability to search for stuff like “i need to sell my house fast”, “cash for my home”, “how do i sell my house without doing repairs”, “home buyers in [city]”, “sell your house before foreclosure”….. and so on and on…

And guess what!? These homeowners usually come warm or HOT! Yes, the quality of these leads are very high regardless or not they have a distressed property… they NEED to sell. Imagine having people urgently looking for a solution and they find you. That feeling to help a motivated or distressed homeowner with the best possible solution also means good commission with the assignment fees!

SEO will allow your website to pop up on the first page. Your goal is for it to be the first one or at least top 3. This way homeowners will be more than likely to go in your website instead of the competitors.

One thing you must know though. It takes time, effort and knowledge of what to stuff your website with to make it work… sometimes up to 6 to 12 months. It may seem crazy but good things take time!

If you want to put the time in yourself then research it or pay for SEO courses. However, if you want to accelerate the rate your website gets “stuffed” with good stuff then hire an expert! There are many experts in SEO but not many know the Real Estate Investing and “Wholesaling Houses” game. So make sure you know who to talk to.

Inbound digital marketing for real estate investing through social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Facebook is the most popular social media channel for online marketing. As a real estate investor or agent, this is a great platform to use because it quickly connects you with your target market. There are several ways that you can utilize Facebook. You can: Create or join a community, or even a group on Facebook for your target market. Update your Facebook page frequently with real estate selling tips, local community news, home flips, post seller testimonials or any value added towards your audience. Create a Facebook page for your real estate investing company and make sure you chose a “marketable” name. Google will also help you rank your Facebook page so make sure you “stuff” your Facebook page about, company details and info with some details about how you help your clients.

If you are here, is because you do some research.. Facebook has one of the best communities in real estate investing. Facebook groups are great places to network with alike minded individuals plus ask for help. Make sure to join those local real estate investing and wholesaling groups. Also check out groups ran by “influencers” that provide consistent content and value added information.

Using Facebook ads to get more leads

Facebook is one of the most trafficked sites on the web. The social media platform is also the leading medium of advertising and of course, inbound marketing. Facebook has a massive reach; 50% of its active users on a daily basis are from the US. Given its saturated use, it’s not surprising that this social media platform is a common channel for inbound marketing for real estate investing. When digital marketers try to reach out to their audience, they do so by employing different strategies. Some marketers like Facebook ad and content marketing, others like the PPC marketing and more Facebook ads works perfectly for an existing customer base. The basic premise of using Facebook ads is to attract people to click on your ad to get more information about the company.

Paid marketing… the one that accelerates the process of getting inbound motivated seller leads and increases your flow of deals month to month.

Facebook is one of the cheapest ways to start into the advertising arena. You are paying Facebook to place “sponsored” posts in your prospect’s news feed, or during a video, or while reading an article in Facebook, or while searching in Facebook marketplace. The opportunities to place your ads in front of your ideal client are endless.

Instagram is owned by Facebook which allows us to use both platforms at the same time and “buy” advertising real estate in both channels. Yes, you are buying digital real estate that last as much as the prospect sees it.

The quality of Facebook and Instagram ads leads can be similar to PPC and SEO, the only difference is the journey of the lead.

Facebook And Instagram ADS

Picture a homeowner doing a google search, that right there is the intention of doing something. The prospect is initiating the action, with Facebook we are initiating the action of showing our best offer and our best ads while the prospect is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Assuming they visit the platform once or more during the day we will have the opportunity to capture their attention and “interrupt” what they are doing by showing a big “digital bandit sign” or video creative to capture their attention.

Facebook and Instagram ads will target people that are either in the initial stages of being “motivated” or deep into the stages of being “motivated to sell”.

The beautiful part about this platform is that we can fully become omnipresent. Yes, be everywhere and anywhere. We can show the ads to those people that have visited your website through a google search but may be in the fence of calling your or submitting a form from your website. So, we just retarget them on Facebook and Instagram.

“Hey homeowner your forgot to submit the form! We can buy your property in less than 7 days and pay you cash! Click on the link below to receive a cash offer in the next 24 hours! “ – this can literally be the ad copy of a retargeting ad, with a picture or video attached to it.

Remember that since these leads may come in the initial stages of motivation you may require some follow up and some nurturing, but most importantly Speed To Lead!

Using Google Adwords (PPC) to get more leads

These are the juiciest of the leads out there. It is basically an SEO lead but you are paying for it. You are shortening the timeframe it takes you to rank and paying Google to show your listing on top!

PPC leads are the hottest of the leads, they usually come in highly motivated and ready to sell NOW. You have to have the true speed to lead here, if you don’t get a hold of this person fast, I am sure your competition will.

These leads are highly motivated therefore they are not loyal, there are at least 3 more paid Google ads listings below or above you and if these homeowners need to sell fast then they sure will want to work with the first one they like and the first the get a hold of.

Therefore you need to be able to have a page where these leads land that is EASY to read, understand and lead the prospect to submit their property information in a quick manner.

Also, speed to lead. Make sure to connect your Google ads submissions to a great follow up mechanics found in different CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Software) to send a quick follow up and announce you that a lead has been generated so you can call within 5 seconds! Yes, that fast, 5 seconds.

Use high quality keywords like, “I need to sell my house fast”. Then add the text “We buy houses in {location}” in the ad title. You need to match the keyword with the ad title. You also need to match the ad title with the image. This will increase the click through rate of your ad. Source: http://www.dribble.co/johanna-delfino

Using Youtube to get more leads

Direct Response – refers to how people contact you directly when they’ve found what they’re looking for. There are a lot of channels that let you display content on Youtube. Youtube also has a reach of millions of people, and it is an intend based channel just like Google. People search stuff on Youtube ALL the time. You can upload videos of how to sell a property fast. Or upload videos that discuss what are the options of selling a property without making many repairs. Also consider doing testimonials for your business to increase engagement. Then create videos for highly searched keywords such as “I need to sell my house fast, what do I do”? Or , “Best ways to get cash for my home” and I am sure people will find you. Especially those with the intention to sell.

One of the most effective ways to create content that is of a higher quality for Youtube is to create niche content. For example, if you run help homeowners get full price for their property through seller financing or subject to, and you’d like to promote how you help homeowners get the most out of their home without selling traditionally with a realtor or make any type of repairs to the property. The best way to do this is to create a Youtube channel that is only about Selling Your House For Top Dollar. Then provide all the education you usually give to homeowners when you are offering to buy their house through terms.

Check Esteban’s Youtube channel and Hesel Media Youtube to check out some video content about this.

Inbound Digital Marketing – Using Youtube ads to get more real estate Investing leads

When it comes to Inbound Digital Marketing for real estate investing, Hesel media have tested YouTube ads for wholesaling for a few months now. We are close to cracking the code but here is what we have learned by running Youtube ads for realtors:

You need a good video, a good hook – educate – offer type of script. And a better landing page!

Youtube uses the same ad account as Google. Therefore you can target similarly, the difference is that you can target by creating affinity audiences. This allows you to focus in who you want to show the ads to, without just relying on keyword searches. Youtube uses an algorithm technology similar to Facebook. Both platforms predicts your behavior based on the videos you watch, interests you have and keyword search.

A great blue ocean is Youtube ads for real estate investors and wholesalers. Hesel media has been able to generate multiple contracts for their clients.

Tiktok Ads for Real Estate Investors! What?!

Tiktok has been one of the biggest social media channels that was aggressively adopted by the US and Canada. Making it one of the top ways to confuse fast video content with their 30 second to 60 second video formats.

At first it was just a place to watch people dance. But through time it became a place where people would vlog and post significant short form content to get followers and earn a tribe.

This has made the homeowner population that uses tiktok to increase significantly in the last few years. Statistically about 35% of tiktok users are 40 years and over.

This is huge! This means we can get in front of our ideal avatar through tiktok as well!

Hesel Media has been testing this process for a few months now and has gotten a few positive results. Check out our youtube channel to find out more about it.


Inbound Digital Marketing is the future for real estate investing. Digital marketing is already highly effective at reaching homeowners looking to sell their properties in your area. It’s also effective at reaching those who are looking to find a solution FAST. Use digital marketing to support your SMS or cold calling campaigns when your team is prospecting in the market. Find out more about Google Adwords (PPC) and how it can be used to promote your real estate investing website by clicking here. Watch the full video below on how to set up an effective Inbound Digital Marketing campaign for real estate in to generate motivated seller leads and convert them.

And remember, Speed to Lead

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Esteban N Andrade

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